Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wouldn't you like to be a farter too?

Joker: Here, let me pull your finger.
Mini Me: Ow! You pulled it too hard!!

Joker: Yeah, and you still didn't fart.
Mini Me: Shush!
Joker: Hey! Maybe since you're a girl, I have to pull your hair.
Mini Me: Okay, but not hard. And don't pull any of the pink parts.
Joker:*pulling hair* Nope. Still doesn't work.
Mini Me: I think you pulled a pink hair.

Mini Me comes in the kitchen and stands right behind me as I'm washing dinner dishes. I fart.

Mini Me: Mom! You farted! How did you do that? And you're sooooo gross!!
Me: It's a gift. Don't ever let anyone say your Mom doesn't have skills.

Mini Me rolls her eyes and stomps off.

Me: You better be glad you're so cute 'cause I should smack that ass you little eye roller.

Oh yeah, I'm sooooo going to win Mother of the Year.


Diane said...

oh yea, i get the eye roll aaaallll the time. makes me wanna ring'er little neck! lol

Don said...

I suppose I should be very thankful I'm not a parent - or perhaps that I'm a good farter!