Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday already?

Hey everybody. I've been missing in so many of y'alls comment boxes lately. I apologize. I think Obama's first action as President should be to give Poptart more time in the day. Yeah, see how selfish I can be? Put my wants/needs ahead of the economy and the mess in Iraq and the stupid 'bail outs'. Not to mention those silly stimulus packages.

So on with the real important stuff - memes. ;)

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Thursday Thunks
1. Whats the coldest temps you've experienced? Nothing under 0°F, but close.
2. Whats for dinner tonight? Veal parmigiana and salad.
3. Would you consider this job in Australia? What and leave a job that I get so much pleasure complaining about the absurd early hours? Are you crazy?!
4. What was your favorite subject in high school? Advanced Biology, History, Accounting...
5. How many hours a day is your tv on? I have one on almost all the time. I need noise.
6. Have you ever received an award? Not as many as I deserve. *smirk*
7. Whats your mousepad look like? Touchpad here. Laptop.
8. Do you think Bud should do the Thursday Thunk meme? Only if he wants to. Bud, what say you?
9. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? Only 3, surprisingly.
10. If you are a parent, have you or did you ever put Vicks VapoRub on your children under the age of 2? Under 2, no - 5 and up, yes. And only a handful of times.
11. If you had to pick one insect to infest your house for 1 day and after that day they would just suddenly vanish, which insect infestation would you pick? Our only problem is the little black ants, so I'll choose them. Pesky, pesky.
12. What color is your underwear that you are wearing right at this moment? Hmmm, let's see...

13. What was the last think you watched on tv? I'm trying to pay attention to the recorded CSI:NY I have on now.
14. What are your plans for the 4th of July this year? Fireworks will definitely be apart of it, but I have no idea where I'll be. It's too early for me to plan something happening in July. Geez. ;)
15. Tell us about one absolutely wonderful thing that happened to you as a teenager and every time you think of it, it brings a smile to your face. One word - cornfield. Or is that 2? No matter. Still brings a BIG smile to my face.
16. What product could you sell someone based on your love for it?

I sell products I love every day, so I'll just sit this one out. I'm tired.

Sweet Memes
1. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Lately, bran flakes with skim milk and half a sliced banana or a couple small blueberry muffins with a little butter.

2. What is your least favorite piercing on others? Clit and penis piercings. Sorry, just don't see the appeal.

3. What do you wish you could change about yourself the most? I'm good.

4. How do you eat your eggs? Scrambled or hard boiled mostly. Over easy or omelets less so.

5. Milk, soy milk, or skim milk? Skim, fat free.

6. How old are you & how old do you wish you were? I have nothing against being 42. I think i'll stay here a couple more months. ;)

7. Are you registered to vote? Since the day I turned 18.

8. How do you get your caffeine? Diet Coke, chocolate, Diet Mtn Dew, Pepsi Max...

9. Any addictions? Shopping for lingerie, caffeine, memes...

10. How many pairs of boots do you own? I have 2, but MIL has about 10 pairs she's giving me. That woman has more shoes than she can ever care to wear.

11. What is your cell phone provider? AT&T.

12. Have you ever had braces? No.

13. What is your major? Life. In college, Business, Business Admin., and Accounting.

14. Where do you get your fashion inspiration? If I try it on and I like it, it's mine. What other inspiration do I need?

15. If you could move to anywhere in the world next week, where would you move? This is repetitive...Colorado.

16. What is the longest plane ride you've ever been on? None. I've yet to stay on a plane long enough for it to take off.

17. Any hidden talents? Many.

18. Any near death experiences? I almost drowned once. And then there was childbirth where I wanted to die. Thank goodness for epidurals.

19. How many car accidents have you been in? A few. Only one was really bad - ambulance, hospital, pain.

20. How many dead bodies have you seen? More than 20 and less than 50. I have no idea.

21. Weirdest pet you've ever owned? The Man insisted on fish for years. I still say they are NOT pets. Other than that, I've only had dogs, cats, and hamsters. Not weird.

22. What are you most afraid of? Failure. I don't like it, especially from myself.

23. Have you ever seen the ocean? Yes, many many times.

24. Have you ever flown a kite? Yeah, but they never fly like the ones in the movies. Heh.

25. Who was your first friend? The Twinsies were 3 months old when I was born. We've been together ever since. It's always been a Poptart sandwich with us.
Shut up.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

What time should I be over for the veal parmigiana and salad? Sounds good! I told Berleen I would start the feature next week. I've never been a meme question before!

NurseExec said...

Hey, I chose ants too. Weird.