Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year in review...

But first, guess what I've been doing all morning? If you guessed prepping for my 'Thanksgiving' dinner for tomorrow. Ding! Ding! Ding! If anybody recalls, MIL decided to steal Thanksgiving away from me this year. So, I put the turkey back in the freezer and have laid low waiting for an opportunity to cook that bad bird.

Well, tomorrow is the day. I've made cornbread for the dressing. Cooked green beans with the leftover ham. Baked the macaroni and cheese. The fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges for fruit salad are draining in the sink as I type. I made the brine for the turkey. All that needs to be cooked tomorrow is the turkey, dressing, and yeast rolls.

I'm sooooo ready. Oh, and MIL knows nothing about it. I'm convinced she'd decide to move her New Year's Day celebration to tomorrow if she were told. So everyone is sworn to silence. Shhhh!

I'm half joking about MIL. But I don't want to take any chances. ;)

Oh, I don't think I told y'all I got a new camera. The Man wanted to make sure we had one for Christmas, so we picked it out together. I had my eyes on a Canon, but when we got to trying them out, we both liked the Kodak EasyShare better. So far, I can't complain. It's been pretty easy to use and upload pics. The Man put all our Christmas morning pics from it on DVD. It's a nice little gift to give grandparents who can't be there. MIL really liked hers.

I can't remember where I stole saw this. I know it was from someone's personal blog though. Duh. ;)

1. Drinking buddy of the year
I can't say The Man since he's never had a taste of alcohol. Yes. You read that right. Not even a taste. I would have to say it's been a toss up between MIL and Movie Girl. MIL makes a mean margarita! And Movie Girl is always up to meeting for a drink...or three. Heh.

2. Lifetime Service Award (longest friend)
That would be the Twinsies. We grew up together and I can't imagine life without those two girlies.

3. Newcomer Award (newest friend)
IRL - Tiffany, the waitress. She flirted incessantly with both The Man and I. I wanted to bring her home with us by the time we got ready to leave.
Online - I've 'met' so many great people out here. Bud, Derfina, Miss Fish, Mimi...and so many more!

4. High Point of the Year
Actually doing something about the extra weight I had been carrying around.

5. Low Point of the Year
This summer when I misunderstood what was being said to me and I took things in a very wrong direction. Oops!

6. Best Holiday
Christmas, of course.

7. Your Song for the Year
'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz

8. Movie of the Year
This was the year that a movie became my new 'favoritest' movie ever - 'The Dark Knight'.

9. Most Memorable Moment of the Year
Personally, was when The Man let me see just how vulnerable he could be. It was a real eye opener.

10. Best Laugh of the Year
During the 'tree scene' in the movie Tropic Thunder. I laughed for hours and hours after that. Hell, I'm STILL laughing. Damn you, Jack Black! *snicker*

11. Whom did you spend Valentines with?
The Man took me out for a movie and some good food.

12. Best Relationship
The summer found us in a precarious state, but I can honestly say that right now, The Man and I have never been better.

13. What were you for Halloween?
I was on the football field being a proud Senior Mom. Music Girl was great enough to take the little ones trick or treating.

14. Restaurant of the Year
Camino. I can't get enough of their nachos supremos. YUM!

15. Book of the Year
The only one I can think of is Twilight and that's only because the movie was so freaking anticipated.

16. Best Decision Made This Year
My new(to me) car. I love her so much!

17. What are your plans for next year?
Get back on plan health-wise. Stick to a stricter budget. We've GOT to put more towards savings.

18. TV Show of the Year
The Big Bang Theory because Sheldon is heeeelarious! Honorable mention: Boston Legal, Burn Notice, The Closer, Samantha Who, and a dozen others.

19. Most Loyal Friends
The Man, the Twinsies, Music Girl...

20. Biggest Change of the Year
Dropping 70+ lbs!

21. Biggest Influence Award
My kids keep my head out of the clouds and my feet firmly planted on the ground.

22. New Year’s Resolution
Get to my goal weight. I'm gonna do it too!

23. Things I’m looking forward to in 2009
Mini Man's graduation. *sniff*

24. Things I hope to accomplish by the end of 2009
Again, I want to be at my goal weight - well before the end of 2009. I'm hoping our savings account is bursting too. hehehe


derfina said...

I am roasting our Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey as I type this! Great minds think alike. *wink*

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks for the shout out. But more importantly, thanks for the friendship! Great job. Happy New Year...

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Quite impressive. You are officially my new interactive internet weight loss buddy.