Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow day with no snow...

We didn't get any snow yesterday, but the schools are closed today 'for weather'. We have a couple schools in our system that are 'up on the mountain' and if they have to close for icy roads and such, the whole county has to close. So the kids are out for that reason. They love the mountain. I have a love/hate relationship with it. ;)

The Man and I got most of our shopping done in the Big City yesterday. It wasn't for lack of trying to get it all done though. Music Girl kind of derailed us from our plans and we spent more time doing things with her. The Man has said he doesn't want to shop with her again. He says he can tolerate it with me - even when I drag him through all the lingerie departments. But Music Girl is another thing. Oh well. We just have a handful of gifts to get now. No biggie.

Even though the Big City wasn't supposed to get snow, it did. It started sleeting while we were eating at TGIFriday's. And it was full on snowing when we came out of Peebles an hour or so later. The Man was in heaven. Heaven! I kept calling the house to see if it had started there and everytime, nada - nothing. We just got rain and sleet that froze after midnight. ACK!

Just want to add that even though I haven't been commenting the last couple of days, I've still been stalking reading my favorite bloggy friends. You all know how it is at times.

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Friday Fill-Ins
1. Friends are a must have in life.

2. Don't fuck with your health; it's too important.

3. I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville.

4. McGraw cologne is one of my new favorite perfumes or aftershaves or smells.

5. The oldest ornament I have is the white angel with lights tree topper.

6. Take some snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla, mix it all together and you have snow cream.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out at home, tomorrow my plans include doing the last of my Christmas shopping(!) and Sunday, I want to have a movie/dinner date with The Man!

Thursday Thunks
1. Do you like waffles? They're okay. I prefer pancakes.
2. Name 3 things that is within your reach right now, excluding anything to do with your computer/laptop. Mr&Mrs Smith DVD, PVR remote, Dancing with Manatees scholastic reader that Hyper Boy is reading to me.
3. Do you hang laundry out on a line outside? No, I have this thing called a dryer.
4. Loss of vision, ability to speak or hearing - which do you choose? (you have to choose one....) And just who is going to make me?
5. On a scale from 1 - 10, how are your computer skills? I 'm around a 7.
6. Do you volunteer or donate to anything around the holidays? Yes.
7. If a person receives a DUI while in government office, should he lose his/her position? I think if it's their first such offense, no.
8. Do you take vitamins? Daily.
9. Do you wear fingernail polish? Sometimes.
10. If every flower in the world only grew into one color, which color would you want? Something bright - yellow.


derfina said...

The only time I remember it snowing here, all the testosterone producers 'had' to go 'write' their names in it, if you get my drift (ha! Pun intended). One more reason not to eat yellow snow!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

"Who's gonna make me..." is you. Right on!