Friday, December 19, 2008


Not a whole lot to report today. Work was hectic - LOTS of special orders. That's not counting the people who walk through the door needing a few of these and a couple dozen of those. It will be a steady stream of the same until Christmas Eve. Then we'll really get blown away. I'll be ready for my dream vacation in Fiji right after Christmas. Ahhhh...

The kids had a short school day. Mini Me is giving her dolls a bath. Hyper Boy is way too quiet. Oh, he's trying to figure out his soccer game toy. The Joker is outside shooting arrows. And me? I'm here doing this - with my eggnog and rum. It needed the rum. Okay. I needed the rum.


1. What's your favorite colored M&M? Red, of course!
2. Who did you last receive a note from? The Joker's teacher.
3. Are you cold? Nope. It's a comfy 63 outside today. No need for heat. That's going to change tomorrow night. Brrrrr!!
4. Do you ever rinse and repeat? Sure.
5. What's your favorite scent? Today it's clean laundry.
6. Are you a vegetarian? No. I like meat.
7. Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? How should I know?
8. Have you ever been to China Town? Which one?
9. Do you collect fortune cookies? Nah.
10. Ever eaten raw fish? No.
11. What is your favorite emoticon?? ;) and :)~
12. Have you ever used a photobooth? Yep.
13. Which leg do you kick with when playing kickball? Right.
14. Ever go fishing? A few times. *yawn*
15. What's your favorite outfit? Jeans, fitted shirt, Ecco shoes...
16. Would you rather be cold or hot? *sizzle*
17. Have you ever gotten dressed in the dark? Yep.
18. What was your favorite toy when you were little? Bike, skates, skateboard, basketball...
19. Do you brush your teeth 3 times a day? No. Twice at the most.
20. What is your favorite kind of pencil? I'm a black ink pen girl.
21. Have you ever seen a ghost? I've chased one, yes.
22. Who's your favorite Veggie Tale? I don't watch them.
23. Have you ever run with scissors? Probably.
24. Who is your favorite person in the entire world? The Man.
25. Have you ever been to a wedding? I've even been IN one or two or ten.
26. What color are the walls in your room? I wiped them down, so they're a clean white today.
27. What's the best pickup line? "My name is ______. Can I buy you a drink?" Gets me every time.
28. Whats your favorite word? "Yes."
29. Did you learn anything new today? I learned that no matter how many signs you put up in a business saying, "Call 24 hrs ahead for big orders", that 75% of customers will not call.
30. Can you read music? Mr. Belvins never thought I could. Poo on Mr. Belvins!
31. How long can you sit without doing absolutely nothing? I can't even be still when I'm asleep.
32. How can you tell if your getting tired? When I can't concentrate on anything.
33. Have you lied yet on this quiz? What would be the point of that?
34. Would you rather live all alone in the middle of the country or with 15 annoying people in the city? I have no patience with annoying people. Let alone 15!
35. Do you know how to milk a cow? I attempted it...once. Got a tail swat to the face. That was it for me.
36. Can you cook? I haven't made anyone ill yet.
37. Do you like milkshakes thick or thin? I want it so thick my neck muscles are straining sucking on that straw. ;)
38. Do you like to read romance books? Yuck. No.
39. What deodorant do you use? powder scented.
40. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? I'm quite fond of my 5-diamond ring.
41. Who is the most creative person you know? Today I'll say Mini Man.
42. Do you keep a diary? My thoughts are better left in my head.
43. Have you ever been to Chicago? Yes.
44. Is there anybody in your family you really don't like at all? I can't think of anyone in the family I don't like at ALL.
45. Have you ever purchased anything off of QVC? No.
46. What do you think of Nick Chavez? Who?
47. Do you enjoy pickles? Only on sandwiches.
48. Would you sell a pickle for two cents? That's kind of cheap.
49. Would you rather get "the talk" from your dad or your mom? Neither. I'm good.
50. Do you like to get dressed up? Yes!