Friday, December 5, 2008

Stood up...again!

To whom it may concern,

This is the third time you've stood me up for lunch(this week!). If you're having some kind of internal struggle with meeting up with me, stop calling and rescheduling. Just tell me what the deal is. I'm a big girl.

Yours truly,
Hungry Poptart


On a happier note:
ALL my Cyber Monday orders have shipped. Yes! I'll be seeing my UPS and FedEx guys next week. ;)

Now on to what this blog is really about...

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Thursday Thunks(Yeah, I know it's Friday.)
1. Have you ever not thought about the possibility of suicide?
I have never thought of suicide as a possibility or a reality for me. Not even through the teen angst years did it cross my mind. When it's ever come up, friends seem quite baffled with this. But honestly, nothing has ever been so bad that I thought it an option. I'm rather fond of living.

2. How many dogs have you owned in your life? What Kind? What were their names?
No idea. I'll have to name them, then count - Ginger(Golden Retriever), Major(German Shepherd), Lady(Poodle), Inky(black Cocker Spaniel), and Sport(Beagle/Pitbull mix). That makes 5.

3. In one word, what do most people describe you as?
Passionate. And in more ways than one.

4. Do you watch HouseMD?
I've seen a couple reruns.

5. What irritates you most about your neighbors?
The neighbor to our right is the only one we have issues with. They let their dog run all over the neighborhood even after many complaints of it jumping on and knocking people down. This is something that happens daily. GAH! I carry a stick with me just to go to my car.

6. Have you ever called someone in for some sort of abuse or neglect on humans, animals or property?
Yes regarding humans and animals.

7. What color is the sky in your world?
Literally and figuratively, it's very blue and mostly sunny.

8. Did you see those 2 planets that everyone is talking about this week?
The Man pointed them out to me. We had no idea what they were. I know now.

9. Would you like to submit your own question for future Thursday Thunks?
I'm an answerer not a questioner.

10. Do you have a skin condition? Are you gonna tell us what it is?
I get dry skin on my feet during the cold months. Nothing a glob of Eucerin won't fix though. HA!

11. Have you ever had an STD?
All 1,658 tests have come back negative.
I kid!
I've only been tested a couple hundred times - all negative.

12. Do you do any crafts?
I am not crafty. At least not in the sewing, creating stuff way.

13. Peanut Butter & Jelly - what flavor is the jelly?
I don't 'do' jelly. I like my peanut butter sandwich naked.

14. Stripes or polka-dots?
What? No prints? I'm kind of into paisley prints. I totally rock the paisley! ;)

15. What accent drives you crazy? Is it a good crazy or a bad crazy?
An Australian accent drives me good crazy. Hello? Hugh Jackman - sexiest man alive according to People mag.
I know this isn't an accent, but something that drives me bad crazy are grown women who do the whole 'high school girly girl' voice. You know the one. High-pitched with some baby talk going on. Drives. Me. Nuts.

Friday Fill-Ins
1. Snow isn't something we see a lot around here.

2. I'm looking forward to seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra on the 21st.

3. Lindt truffles is are the best chocolates ever!

4. One of my favorite old tv shows is MacGyver.

5. I'm done with half of my Christmas shopping.

6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is driving around looking at all the Christmas lights/displays.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the parade in the next town over, tomorrow my plans include work, another parade, going out with The Man and Sunday, I want to sleep late!

Friday Fun
1. Did you do the so fun Black Friday shopping? Did you get any really good deals?
I did 'do' Black Friday this year. I got a few good deals, yeah.

2. Does your family do gifts for everyone or do you draw names?
We buy gifts for the nieces and nephews and our kids.

3. About how many people do you have to gift this year?

4. How about that big holiday meal? That can get pricey so how do you save some money and still put on a great meal?
MIL does all the major cooking for Christmas. I make a couple side dishes and desserts.

5. What are your top 5 tips for saving money this year on gifts? I always love finding something new and different!
1. Shop online at .coms that have free shipping and at least 40% off.
2. Shop discount bookstores.
3. Budget! Set a $$ limit on each gift, make your list, and don't go over budget.

4. Go straight for the clearance racks. I found 3 gifts for $5/each today on clearance. Saved $8.
5. Shop at WalMart at 3a.m. No lines, no crowds, and things are restocked for the most part. How does that save $$? Because you can take your time. How many people get all frustrated with the crowds and lines and empty shelves? And then just say, 'Fuck it!' and grab any old thing to buy?

Friday 5
When did you last have a mid-day nap?
It's been years.

When did you last have milk and cookies?
A couple weeks ago.

When did you last have a bubble bath?
Can't remember. I'm not really into bubble baths.

When did you last jump on the furniture?
Mini Me and I jumped on my bed this morning. She was being all grumpy again and I had to get her out of that funk before taking her to school.

When did you last play in the mud?
I mud wrestle almost every weekend. ;)


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You - passionate? Wow. I guess I can only imagine... ;)

Anonymous said...

Mud wrestling? Ha ha. Very interesting.

the blogger said...

I just finished a pack of Lindt Truffles - total orgasm chocolate.

Poptart said...

Bud - Does the passion not come through online? Damn! ;)

Naughty - I especially like the tag team mud wrestling nights. hehehe

Blogger - And you didn't share with me? Where's my flogger!? ;)