Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did I really just say that?!

So, this morning on the way to school - before getting out of the driveway even - Hyper Boy starts teasing Mini Me. I don't jump in right away because MM can take up for herself in most things where HB is concerned. This morning, however, was different. Seems like Mini Me is taking cues from me and was super grumpy this morning. She starts whining in her little girl, high-pitched voice that instantly drives me insane. I swear I see red when I hear it.

Anyway, it's apparent that I'm going to have to referee. I even had black and white on. Heh! So yeah, I tell MM, 'Calm down. Don't let HB get to you like that. Don't you see what he's doing?' Then, I flip the mirror to where HB and I can have some eye contact. I proceed to tell him, 'You know it's not too late for Santa to put you on the Naughty List?'

Oh. My. WTF?! Where did I freaking pull that gem from? I can't blame my parents 'cause they never used the Santa/Naughty List card. I felt stupid saying it. I feel stupid now for laying it out here for anybody to read. Maybe MIL does have reason for thinking my parenting abilities are lacking?

Nah. She's just a bitch. And I just had a temporary lack of sense. Oh well, it shut HB up anyway. hehehe

Wednesday Weirdness #32
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1.) If you knew one of your close friends was cheating on their significant other, would you get involved? (EX: Tell their SO, try to talk to your friend about it, etc)
I probably would - and have before - say something to my friend. I can't say that I would involve myself anymore than that though.

Why or why not?
'Cause friends are supposed to be able to bring stuff up - even the serious shit - that's why.

2.) If your SO was cheating on you and one of your close friends knew, would you want them to tell you?
Hell yeah, I'd want them to tell.
Why or why not?
I would want to know so I could start plotting my revenge. *wicked smile*

3.) Have you ever stuffed your bra or underwear to make the size of your breasts or penis seem larger?
I've never had to stuff my bra. I'm 'ample' in that regard. Always have been.

4.) Would you sleep with a friend's significant other behind their back if it were guaranteed you'd never be caught?
Only if given permission, so the 'never being caught' would not apply.

5.) Do you think you are more intelligent than your significant other?
He's smarter than me in certain areas and I'm smarter than him in others. We're a good balance. He probably thinks he tips the scale on the smarter side though. Yeah baby, keep thinking that.

6.) Do you ever fantasize about cheating on your significant other? Are you ever tempted to really go through with it?
Do I have a freaking pulse?! Heck yeah, I fantasize and am tempted.

7.) Have you ever had cyber sex, text sex or phone sex with someone other than your significant other during a relationship?
Short answer - Yes.

8.) Would you cheat on your significant other twice monthly for half a year to have all your debt permanently erased?
You betcha'! And The Man would thank me in the end. Believe it. *grin*

BONUS! Have you ever fantasized about having sex with any blogger friends?
Of course, I have fantasized about other bloggers. DUH! Again. Human. Pulse.
Would you be daring enough to reveal five of them?
I've all of a sudden become very shy.