Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh my aching...


I've been eating badly since T-Day and my belly is letting me know this morning how much it does NOT appreciate it. Ow. Ow. Ow. Let's see if Sunday Stealing and such will take my mind off the pain.

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Sunday Stealing

LAYER 1: Tell us your...

* Name: Freaky Poptart - got to keep this anonymous thing going.
* Birthday (month, day): March 2
* Birthplace: The Volunteer State
* Current location: I still have not escaped TVS.
* Eye color: Today they are hazel. They go between green and hazel all the time.
* Hair color: Music Girl colored my hair T-Day - non permanent, will wash out in a couple months. The box calls it 'roasted chestnut'.

* Height: 5'7"
* Righty or lefty: I'm a righty-tighty.
* Zodiac sign: Pisces

LAYER 2: What's...

* Your heritage: I'm a mutt, but predominantly Irish and American Indian(Cherokee). What a mix, right?
* The shoes you wore today: I haven't put on shoes yet, but I'm planning on wearing my Eccos when I do.
* Your weakness: Men. I get into soooo much trouble.
* Your fears: Big, hairy...spiders!
* Your perfect pizza: I'll eat just about any kind, but if I could order I'd get - thin crust with light sauce and top it with pepperoni, beef, onions, mushrooms(light on the 'shrooms), and tomatoes. Oh, and black olives and real bacon! With mozzarella only please.
* Goals you’d like to achieve: First and foremost is to pay off all debts. I think I'm going to reach my 'goal weight' before that happens though.
* Your first waking thoughts: I don't feel so good.
* Your best physical feature: My incredible shrinking ass. The Man would say the ta-tas though. He's a total breast man.
* Your most missed memory: Holidays spent with my side of the family. *sniff*

LAYER 3: Do you...

* Smoke: Never have.
* Cuss: All the time. GAH!
* Sing: Are you kidding me?! YES!
* Do you think you’ve been in love: Think and know.
* Did you go to college: I did.
* Liked high school: I did.
* Want to get/stay married: I think I'll stay put.
* Believe in yourself: If I don't, who will?
* Think you’re attractive: You betcha!
* Think you’re a health freak: Not the last 4 days or so.
* Get along with your parent(s): I did - back in the day when they were actually living.
* Like thunderstorms: Yep .
* Play an instrument: Many.

LAYER 4: In the past month have you…

* Drank alcohol: Not nearly enough.
* Smoked: No.
* Done a drug: No.
* Made out: November has been a VERY good month!
* Gone on a date: Yep.
* Gone to the mall: A few.
* Eaten an entire box of Oreos: I've never eaten a whole box.
* Eaten sushi: Nope.
* Been on stage: I was on display a few times, yes.
* Been dumped: In a way, yes.
* Gone skating: No.
* Gone skinny dipping: No.
* Stolen Anything: I swiped something, yes. Shhhh!

LAYER 5: Have you ever…

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: Oh yeah.
* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: I can honestly say I've only been trashed once. Was not pretty.
* Been caught “doing something”: All the freaking time!
* Been called a tease: Me? A tease? *wink*
* Gotten beaten up: No.
* Shoplifted: Yes. I was 5 and Mom wouldn't buy me a toy. It magically appeared in my hands, in the car. Mom took me back and made me give it back to the manager.


* Age you did get/hope to be married: I was 19.
* Numbers and names of children (either you have or want): I have a couple. Names aren't happening here.
* Describe your dream mate: Interesting. Funny. Intelligent. Confident. Kind, but not a push over.
* How do you want to die: Old and peacefully.
* What did you want to be when you grow up: Dancer, actor, anesthesiologist...
* What country would you most like to visit: Italy

LAYER 7: Now tell...

* Name a drug you’ve taken illegally: I'm really not into this kind of thing. I did take some of my Mom's valium when I was a teenager.
* Name a person you could trust with my life: Me. Myself. I.
* Name a favorite CD that you own: Cuts Like a Knife - Bryan Adams. Hey, it was the first to pop into my brain.
* Number of piercings: 4
* Number of tattoos: 0 - but that's going to change.
* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: A lot.
* Name a past experience that you regret: All the food I've eaten the last few days!

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Sleepy :: Yawn

  2. Thanksgiving :: FOOD!

  3. Fifteen :: ...going on 30.

  4. Authority :: ...always wins.

  5. Bangs :: in She...

  6. Curled :: Twisted.

  7. Young man :: Immature.

  8. Surprised :: Shocked.

  9. Mistake :: Error.

  10. Handle it :: Do it myself.


NurseExec said...

Loved your answers, and I have to nick that Katherine Hepburn quote--it's awesome!! Have a great week :)

Deana said...

I think we are all mutts when we get down to it! I love your answers.

Happy Sunday.

StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

I think we should go out for pizza!

derfina said...

Hot damn, She BANGS! Loved it!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

So you're going to tattoo. A tasteful WTIT logo is always nice! Enjoy your weekend, Sexy...

Mimi Lenox said...

I love black olives on my pizza as well. Great answers.

I'm up.
Sunday Stealing: The State Of My Pencil Skirt

Anonymous said...

I want to get a tattoo too... I'm kind of scared. What are you going to get?

Anonymous said...

I just laughed way too much at spiders.

Have a great week!!

Kwizgiver said...

Loved your answers!

Nolens Volens said...

Enjoyed some of your answers, chuckled at others. :)

Freaky Poptart said...

NE - I love almost any quote from Miss H. Nick away!

Deana - True, there's not many full-blooded peoples roaming around - at least in the US.

Berleen - It's a date!

derfina - Hell yeah she does! *giggle*

Bud - And how will I explain a WTIT tattoo to The Man? You got any temporary tats you could send me? ;)

Mimi - Thanks Queenie!

NS - I can tolerate pain okay, so that part doesn't scare me. Figuring out where to put the tattoo is another thing. I'm getting a remembrance tattoo for my Mom.

FA - I was tempted to type balls, but you figured that. Right? hehehe

KG - Thanks so much for visiting little ol' me.

NV - Enjoyed and chuckled? Not captivated and amused? Darn! ;)

the blogger said...

I always regret that food, too. It's nice when i'm eating it though :-)