Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh my aching ass!

Ever have the rug pulled out from under you? Literally or figuratively makes no difference. I had it done to me this past Sunday and my ass still hurts.

MIL was supposed to be going out of state for Thanksgiving, leaving me to do the turkey day dinner. Even though I'm not a big fan of the day to day cooking that I do, I really enjoy making big dinners - especially holiday dinners. So, innocently enough, Sunday afternoon I'm watching the Titans losing against the Jets when the phone rings. I'm in a funky mood as it is since I'm a Titans fan. Go Freak(Kearse)! MIL, in her 'trying to seem nice' voice lets me know her plans have changed. She's staying. AND she's doing Thanksgiving dinner.

Rug. Pull. Ass. Floor.

She then informs me of everything she's making - turkey, dressing, green beans, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. I've bought ALL this stuff. She knows this because Music Girl had already told her 3 days before. So, after hearing from MG about my plans and what I'm making, MIL changes her mind, buys the SAME stuff, and goes on to tell me to, 'put your turkey back in the freezer'. How do I know she bought the stuff after MG told her? MIL said so! MG told her Thursday. MIL bought the stuff Saturday. AND then decides to tell me on Sunday. During the game. The game the Titans were losing.

I. Am. Not. Happy.

But did I say that to MIL? No. Why? Because she can make my life miserable if I do. Nope. I put my turkey back in the freezer like a good little girl. Will put a fake ass smile on my face and do my little part in making something to take to her house - 2 pumpkin pies and sweet potato casserole. But she said 'no' to my sausage balls. The same sausage balls she demands I make every freaking year. Why no to the balls? Who the hell knows?! Probably because she knew that would get to me too.

The Man told me not to listen to her. To go ahead and make my dinner and then we'd show up at her house and not eat a damn thing. I can't do it. Believe me I want to. But I will avoid conflict at almost any cost. Even when my little fee fees are hurt. GAH!

**rant over**

Sorry about that. It just had to come out somewhere and this is my 'safe' place.

I tried to make a regular blog and write day to day things on it. But I'm just not a day to day girl. I also figure that when I do have something to say, this blog right here is sufficient.

So, to equal the good with the bad up there. The Man and I actually got some Christmas shopping done this weekend. I don't think we've ever started this early. Our haul so far:
*eat and pee baby doll
*houndstooth, wool coat
* LOTS of Bakugan stuff
*hair dryer
*rocket set
*model glue/paint for the rocket set

And of course, we had to go shop for some 'intimate apparel' for me. Black. Lace. I likey! ;)

Oh, and Logan's Roadhouse has the BEST freaking rolls! And their grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli is pretty damn good too. Now I'm hungry...


Anonymous said...

Safe places are nice.

I so just googled Bakugan thinking huh maybe I'll get that for someone... snort. :)

Freaky Poptart said...

Well, I hate bitching on and on about it to The Man. He gave me his advice and I said 'nah'. It did help to rant here. I'm just going to have a mid-December party and do the turkey and fixings then.

Yeah, we know 2 boys that are HEAVY into Bakugan. What did you think it was? Hmmmm? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I have no idea what I thought! It sounded cool though. Giggle.