Monday, November 17, 2008

Bold some, X some

[Bold the true statements](also in blue)
1. I have a boyfriend(I'm counting TM)
2. We've been together for more than 3 months

3. I love balloons
4. The TV in my room is silver
5. I actually don't have a TV in my room
6. I thought the movie Camp Rock was really good
7. I own a lot of jewelry
8. Chris Brown is my favorite singer
9. I've never been in a long term relationship before
10. I love ice skating
11. My favorite color is red
12. Watching the Olympics is fun
13. I have a cat and a dog
14. I never leave the house without putting lotion on
15. The last magazine I read was CosmoGirl!
16. I love going to the beach
17. Honestly, I don't really like the's too sandy
18. The Red Sox will always beat the Yankees
19. Something really exciting is going on this month
20. I'm always on AIM
21. The background on my computer is a tropical picture
22. I can't wait to go back to school
23. Whoever bolded the one above is crazy
24. I've been on a website before to translate my dreams(I have weird dreams)
25. I don't believe that your dreams can be translated, it's a bunch of crap
26. I think that I'm a pretty good kisser
27. I'm comfortable with my physical appearance
28. Fireworks are awesome
29. Today is going to be a really good day
30. I'm really optimistic

31. I would never want to see a live volcano
32. Aqua is a cool color
33. Palm trees are so pretty
34. I own more than 4 bathing suits
35. I have a bar in my house
36. I've been in a cave before
37. I have been told that I have a big imagination
38. I am an innovator
39. I'm very extroverted
40. I have been to New Jersey before
41. Actually, I live there!
42. I have two goldfish
43. I love the zoo
44. My birthday is coming up real soon(less than 4 months)
45. Mini golf is so much fun(after a few drinks)

46. Jackass 2 is one of my favorites
47. I watch HGTV a lot
48. I think Zac Efron is overrated(but cute!)
49. I am a really big procrastinator
50. I eat Special K

In the past 24 hours..
[x] brushed your teeth?
[x] taken a shower?
[ ] spilt something?
[x] dialed a phone number?
[ ] watered a plant?
[x] licked something?
[x] had a glass of water?
[ ] listened to an mp3 player?
[ ] been to school?
[ ] smoked weed?
[ ] had a cigarette?
[x] buckled a seatbelt?
[ ] shoplifted something?
[ ] felt sickly?
[ ] played a video game?
[ ] stepped in gum?
[x] had a slice of pizza?
[x] consumed alcohol?
[ ] fought with a friend?
[x] gotten in trouble?(When am I NOT in trouble?)
[ ] written in red pen?
[ ] opened a window?
[ ] rung a doorbell?
[x] washed your hands?
[ ] fed an animal?(I don't think leaving poison bait out for the mouse counts, right?)
[x] unlocked a door?
[ ] struck a match?
[ ] cried?
[x] laughed?
[x] watched a movie?
[x] hit a lightswitch?
[ ] bitchslapped someone?
[x] put something in the microwave?
[ ] played ping-pong?
[ ] instant messaged someone?
[x] sent an email?
[x] changed your underwear?
[ ] lost something?
[x] taken a picture?
[x] ate a piece of fruit?
[ ] put up a poster?
[x] looked in a mirror?
[x] applied makeup?
[x] listened to music?
[ ] put money into a vending machine?
[x] doodled in a notebook?
[x] thrown a ball?
[ ] been on
[x] kissed someone?
[x] looked at an analog clock?
[ ] played with a deck of cards?
[x] ate a salad?
[ ] worn flip-flops?
[x] put your hair up?
[ ] cut yourself?
[x] made a bed
[x] folded a piece of paper?
[ ] played a musical instrument?
[x] received a present?(TM has bought me a few things, yes)
[ ] bitten your fingernails?
[ ] made a wish?
[ ] been over at a friend's house?

[Bold the true]
i have poor circulation
pain is pleasure(to a point)
i dress modestly, with no cleavage showing(HA!)
i don't care what others think of me, ever
hell, i don't care about a lot of things
i never get offended
i'm very optimistic
i'm very empathetic
i suck at sympathy
i can relate to just about anything and everyone
sarcasm is my weapon of choice
i'm very passive-aggressive
i absolutely love meeting new people
it's very hard for me to think of things to say
i have a lot of patience
i always say things at the wrong time
i can't explain things worth a shit
cursing is a bad habit of mine
i never lie
procrastination rules my life
i'm an internet junkie
ranch dressing makes everything taste better
it's peanut butter jelly time!
I'm surprised i'm not obese
i have a freckle in my eye
i had a twin but my mother miscarried
i'm lucky i'm alive
i have very good luck
i currently have a band-aid on my middle finger
i grew up way too fast
i've practically been on my own since i was 14
i wish i weren't so uptight
i'm just a huge youtube junkie
i don't have a lot of junk in my trunk
i have a piece of shit car
i always have to get things done and get them done right
i'm easily amused
when you talk, i actually listen, even though it may not seem like i am
i have a lot of concentration
i get distracted easily
i'll eat anything with a face on it
i'm pretty rude
i won't say anything if you don't say anything first
i say very little in big crowds
i feel as if i always stand out
i hate being the center of attention
i love serious one on one conversations
i use a lot of hand movements when i talk
if you're standing next to me, you're gunna get punched or fondled or something like that(I'm a toucher, not touchy feely, just touchy.)
don't take me seriously
i talk about myself too much
i hate conceit
i complain too much
everyone always disagrees with me
i'm not who i was a year ago
peaches are the best fruit
i'm a hornball
i fit in with the guys
i never wear makeup
i'm always working
i live with my boyfriend
partying with friends is my favorite pastime
i didn't graduate high school
i'm a grammar nazi(I notice shit, but it doesn't bother me or make me think I'm smarter.)