Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

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1.) Have you ever purchased an item of clothing and intentionally worn it with tags on it so that you could return it the next day? I've never done this. Knowing my luck, I would have stained or ripped it if my intention was to return it.

2.) Would you rather be late to the party, or the first person to arrive? Why? I don't mind being the first to arrive. That way I can help the host with whatever needs to be done before more people get there. I'm helpful that way. Yep. Oh yeah, and if the party turns out to be a snooze, I can be the first to leave. *grin*

3.) When do you usually begin your Christmas shopping? Two weeks before the big day. I like to hang on to my $$ as long as possible. It works for me.

4.) What three cancelled tv shows do you wish they’d bring back? If Phil Hartman could be raised from the dead, I'd want Newsradio back. For pure eye candy value, I'd like to see Hercules come back. Not sure if Kevin whatshisname is eyecandy worthy still, but I'm sure someone could fill his loincloth. One more. Oh hell, Arrested Development! Please! Please! Please!

5.) What do you have in your vehicle's glove compartment? Proof of insurance, registration, repair receipts, pen, glow sticks, ketchup packets, etc.

6.) Have you ever donated blood? I do. I'm borderline anemic and can't donate as much as I'd like.

7.) Have you ever kissed or dated someone elses significant other? What happened? Yes. Big mistake. The woman found out and brought her mother with her. It wasn't pretty. I was young and stupid. That's my story anyway...

8.) Have you ever mistaken one product for another while in the bathroom and didn't notice until after you used it? (EXAMPLE: Washing your hair with liquid body soap, slathering hand soap on your legs instead of lotion after a shower, et cetera) I've mistaken the conditioner for shampoo, but that's not a big deal. Can't think of anything else.

9.) Would you/Have you ever dated someone who had a criminal record? I probably did and didn't know it. With the people I ran around with after high school, I'd say it was a very good possibility. I don't think I would now since The Man would frown on that. *grin*