Friday, October 24, 2008


1. What is the worst first impression you have made?
HA! Probably when I met The Man's mom. The first time we met, we broke the news to her that we had just run off and gotten married AND I was pregnant. Moms love that! *smirk*

2. What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you?
My first time singing for an audience was pretty bad. My voice would crack because I was so nervous.

3. Who are you jealous of?
I've grown up and have left the green eyed monster behind.

4. What is the worst or craziest thing you have done for money?
Lost 30 lbs in a workplace challenge around Christmas to win some extra gift money. I did some stupid stuff to lose the weight.

5. personality trait that you cannot stand?

6. What is the worst thing a parent has done to you?
Smacked me in the face for nothing.

7. What is your fantasy (it can be as sappy or x-rated as you want)?
I'll go with sappy today. Going away with The Man for a few days would be great.

8. Who do you absolutely hate and why?
He knows who he is and why.

9. What is the best revenge you have gotten?
Being happy.

10. What band or artist do you listen to that you don’t admit to? (i.e., 'NSYNC, Barbara Streisand)
Miley Cyrus. Shhhhhh!

11. Do you read the tabloids?
No. If I'm in a slow moving line at a store, I might read the front pages.

12. Put the following in order, from what you think is most important or desirable to you to the least important/desirable: love, money, social status/popularity, intelligence, looks, passion.
Passion, Love, Intelligence, Looks, Money, Social Status/Popularity

13. What was the last lie you’ve told and what was it about?
I told Hyper Boy I didn't drink his water, but I did.

14. What wouldn’t you give up/sacrifice for love?
My kids. I'm watching someone do that right now. Her whole life has become her boyfriend and to hell with her teenage girls. Sad.

15. How did you know you were in love with someone? How did you know you weren’t in love?
When their happiness was just as important as mine. Yeah, I can be quite selfish.
I knew it wasn't love when I didn't even want to spend a small amount of time with them and didn't care about their feelings.

16. What are your fears?
Dying too young - I want to be old and very wrinkly. Something bad happening to The Man or the kids worries me too.

17. What is the most strangest or frightening thing you have experienced or witnessed that you can or cannot explain? (murder, ghost, aliens, etc.)
I saw a shadow in my bedroom doorway one night that I actually ran after. Yes, it ran from me. Very strange indeed.

18. What’s the worst thing someone has said to you?
Someone once told me I was as stupid as a tin can. Will never forget that. It hurt worse because of who said it too.

19. What’s the best compliment you have received?
Hugs and kisses.

20. If you could commit any illegal act without getting caught, would you? If so, what would you do?
Yeah, I'd take a couple rolls of toilet paper and some eggs with me.

21. Explain one thing that made you laugh very hard.
Jack Black's line in Tropic Thunder while tied to the tree. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!

22. What’s the worst thing you’ve done in order to climb up the social ladder at school, work, wherever?
I've never been a social climber really.

23. How would you like to die?
First, I want to live a long, healthy life. Then, die peacefully in my sleep.

24. What do you believe in?
I believe we make our own happiness. We decide to be happy or be miserable. Decisions. Decisions.

25. Do you support our current president? Why or why not?
He's done things I can't ever approve of. Whether he was advised by crooks or not, it's still on him. I think future Presidents should learn from this and make sure they surround themselves with better informed, honest people.

26. What is one thing that you would like to change about your body? What is one thing you would not change?
Change: flatter tummy
Not change: strong legs

27. Would you rather fart very loudly or piss in public?
I've farted loudly in public before. So, I'll go with that. It was embarrassing for a few seconds.

28. Have you ever been teased/bullied? If so, describe the incident that affected you most.
A husband of a person I knew growing up teased me relentlessly. He was an ass!

29. Have you ever teased/bullied someone? If so, describe the incident that you feel affected the victim most.
Never. My Mom taught me at an early age that it was not something she'd allow. Ever.

30. Would you rather have a one, random person you do not know killed, or one very important species in the animal kingdom vanish from the earth?
Neither, thanks.

31. Would you rather be rich and unattractive or poor but very attractive?
I'll choose rich and attractive. *smile*

32. Would you rather be stabbed to death or drown?
How about I stab and drown the person who made up these last few questions? Sheesh!

33. Cats or dogs?
As long as they don't mind being outside most the time, I'll take either one. Sorry, but I can't stand things being underneath my feet or following me around.

34. Black or white?
Not sure what this is asking, but I'm white and wear black sometimes. *shrug*

35. Would you rather have it be night forever or daylight forever?

36. Would rather be stuck in a relationship with someone you do not like for the rest of life, or be single for the rest of life?

37. What bodily function do you find the most disgusting?
Dare I say shitting? And it stinks too.

38. What is the most degrading thing you feel you have done?
Stayed with someone after he cheated on me.

39. When was the last time you cried and why?
A few days ago when made to feel inadequate. I cried more out of frustration than my feelings being hurt.

40. Would you eat a very hairy and big caterpillar for $100?

41. Would you eat a human arm for $1000?

42. Would you pose for 1 nude picture for $100?
Full on nude? No.

43. Would you rather sing or dance in front of an audience?

44. Who would you sacrifice yourself for?
The Man, the kids

45. Would you rather explain your sex life in detail to your parents or have sex with your enemy?
Explaining to my parents would mean me standing at their graves, so no face to face. I could do that.

46. Do you believe in safe abortions for all women? Why or why not?
Yes. No one has the right to tell a woman she HAS to go through an unwanted pregnancy.

47. If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?
Winning the lottery baby! I told you I was selfish.

48. What do you think of people who commit suicide?
I feel bad that they didn't see a better way to deal.

49. Would you rather eat rotten cheese or drink rotten milk?
Yuck, neither. I don't have an iron stomach you know.

50. What is the most expensive item you have purchased and what was the price? Do you still have it?
We built our house rather than "purchased", but that still counts I would think. It wasn't free, that's for sure.

51. Would you rather be stranded in the middle of a hot desert or be stuck in the middle of a bombing or shooting in the Middle East?
Could we have a positive either/or question? Jeez!

52. Have you ever received a grade lower than C- before? If so, for which subject?
I got a D+ once in Algebra II.

53. Which would you choose: Your car never running out of gas (but it's a crappy looking car) or have a very expensive good looking car but you need to pay for the gas like everyone else?
I've driven crappy looking before and could do it again for never running out of gas.

54. Would you rather be a creature underwater or a creature with the ability to fly?
I wanna fly.

55. What is the most "taboo" thing you have done?
It's sexual and I'm not telling. *wink*

56. Would you rather wear really embarassing outfit or wear a really nice looking outfit, but with a big mustard stain on it?
What's the difference?

57. Who is someone you lost touch with that you wish to talk to/see again?
Joanne T from jr high.

58. What is the most disgusting thing you have done?
Been a super bitch to get a guy to break up with me - took months. Why I didn't just end it first is a mystery.

59. If you knew you were going to die a very painful death in three months, would you kill yourself in a less painful way or go through with the pain?
I've witnessed a painful death. I do NOT want to go through one. Give me a bottle of pills the day before I'm to die painfully and I'll take care of it myself.

60. What physical characteristics do you consider attractive in the gender of your choice?
Good posture, nice smile, lickable lips, strong arms/shoulders...

61. Would you rather bury dead people or be a plumber?
Plumber, no question!

62. What was the last thing you ate? What was the last thing you drank?
I had taco salad for supper last night. Haven't eaten yet today. I'm drinking Pepsi Max right now.

63. List some foods you cannot stand.
okra, celery, mango, white cream(think twinkies), black-eyed peas...

64. Now list some celebrities you cannot stand.
Pseudo-celebs like Paris Hilton and the like.

65. Would you rather have absolutely no friends for one year or go to jail for one year?
No friends.

66. Fruits or vegetables?

67. Would you rather live on the streets or be stranded on an island all by yourself?
I think I'd take my chances on the streets.

68. Would you rather be a pig or cow?
No thanks.

69. Say, it's almost Halloween. If you HAD to dress up, what would you be?
Wonder Woman. *grin*

70. What's the scariest movie you have seen?
The Ring freaked me out. I don't like scary.

71. Explain the worst nightmare you have had?
One that made me cry after I woke up is when I dreamt someone was breaking into my house when I was giving a baby a bath. I left the baby in the water and crawled out a window. That freaked me out!

72. Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?
I won't walk under ladders. If a black cat crosses my path I make a cross. I knock on wood. If I spill salt, I'll throw some over my shoulder.