Thursday, October 23, 2008


1. Do you use make-up? Yes.
2. What color eyeliner is your favorite? Charcoal gray.
3. What brand of mascara do you use? Maybelline or CoverGirl.
4. Do you use cover-up, bronzer, or blush? No bronzer.
5. Is glitter tacky looking? If you're over 20, yes.
6. Do you often use eyeshadow? Yes.
7. What's your favorite color eyeshadow? Earth/natural tones, browns.
8. Lip gloss or Chapstick? Lip gloss.
9. Are fake eyelashes gross? No.
10. What make-up did you wear today? All I've put on today is lip gloss and mascara.

1. What's your favorite store? Cato, Goody's, VS, Dillard's, Target, Old Navy...
2. What color do you wear the most? Blue, red.
3. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 8-10.
4. What is your favorite pair? Ecco Xtreme Janes
5. Do you wear jeans often? Yes.
6. How many skirts do you own? 3-4.
7. Fuzzy socks or ankle socks? Ankle socks.
8. Do you often go shopping? Quite often, yep.
9. Would you rather wear long sleeves, short, 3 quarter length, or sleeveless shirts? Depends on the weather.

1. Are you comfortable with your body? For the most part.
2. Does it annoy you when girls say "I'm fat, I need to diet"? If they are a size 12 or under, yeah.
3. Do you workout? Yes.
4. Do you eat healthy? I try to. I do limit the bad stuff.
5. Do you have poor vision? Yeah. Thanks mom and dad.
6. Is there ever a specific spot on your body that always hurts? No.
7. Do you drink milk to build strong bones? No. I do take a calcium supplement.
8. Do you take daily vitamins? Yes.

Boys Boys Boys
1. To start this off, do you even like boys? I like men even more.
2. Do you have a 'type'? Smart, confident, great arms, nice ass...
3. Have you ever cheated on a guy? Yep.
4. Are you a heart breaker? I have been.
5. Do you blush around the boy you like? Yeah, The Man can still make me blush.
6. What color eyes do you prefer for a boy? Brown eyes make my knees weak.
7. What's the number one thing you look for in a boyfriend? Not looking.
8. How long was your last relationship? We've been together a long time.
9. Do you act ditzy around boys? I hope not!
10. Do you like it when a boy is totally cute, but he acts like he doesn't know it? Eh.

1. What color is your hair? Auburn.
2. Does it get lighter in the summer? If I'm outside a lot, yes.
3. What products do you use in your hair? Shampoo, conditioner, and something to control fly aways - my curls can get out of control.
4. Naturally, your hair is: Straight, Curly, or Wavy? Wavy to curly. My hair has a mind of its own.
5. Have you ever gotten high/low lights? Yes, but not recently.
6. Would you ever dye your hair any unnatural color? Not anymore.
7. How is your hair style right now? Pony-tailed - just got done working out.
8. How do you wear your hair to school? n/a
9. Does it annoy you when your hair sticks to your lip gloss/chap stick? Yep. Irritating.
10. Do you like your hair? Mostly.

Tell the honest truth
1. Are you self conscious? I can be.
2. Do you think you're too fat/skinny? I'm not too fat anymore. Working on getting fit/toned now.
3. Would you ever self harm? No.
4. Are you happy with yourself? Depends on how my day is going. But for the most part, yes.
5. Do you sometimes feel you're never good enough? Not so much anymore.
6. Do you stereotype people? I've caught myself doing it, yes.
7. Would you change yourself for the person you love? I'm too old to change now. Love me or leave me.
8. If it wasn't expensive, would you consider plastic surgery? I'm looking into having a breast lift and tummy tuck, so yes.
9. If so, for what? Oops. Answered already.
10. Did you answer honestly to these questions? Why wouldn't I?

As A Baby
1. Were you a quiet or really big cry baby? I cried a lot because one of my siblings liked to pinch me. Yeah, Bones was a big meanie! *grin*
2. How much did you weigh when you were born? 8 lbs. 7 oz.
3. What was your first real sentence? No idea.
4. What do you remember about being a baby? Not much.

As A Toddler/Young Kid
1. What was one of your favorite toys? Bike.
2. Were you a mommy or daddy's girl? Yes. *grin*
3. How was your childhood different from other kids? My parents were always the oldest parents among my friends/classmates'. My siblings were out of the house by the time I turned 7.
4. What was your first pet? We always had cats and dogs. Tiger(cat) is the first one I remember.
5. Did you have a favorite show you watched all the time? Electric Company, Sesame Street, etc.
6. What costumes did you wear for halloween? Whatever was affordable...princess, tiger, skeleton...
7. What did your parents normally dress you up in? Mom wanted me all girly in dresses, but I preferred jeans and tshirts.
8. Were you a spoiled kid? As spoiled as the baby of factory workers can be.
9. Did your parents ever take you on vacation? Yes. They liked Florida better than anywhere else.

As a Teeny-Bopper
1. Did your parents ever put you in any extra curricular activities? No. I put myself in a few though.
2. Where did you live at this time? In a house my parents had built in the early

3. What was your favourite band(s)? Journey, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard...
4. Who was your best friend at the time? Twinsies, TH, NB, PB...
5. Were you a really mouthy kid? Nope.
6. Were you ever bullied in school? Never.
7. What's you're fondest memory of being a teeny-bopper? Getting my license and doing more on my own.

As a Teenager
1. Did you turn out to be bad? No.
2. Do you get good grades in school? Mostly. Damn Algebra II!
3. Are you in any certain "clique" or what they stereotype (nerds, jocks, cool kids, losers etc): I was a smart jock, but didn't hang in any certain cliques. I liked everybody.
4. What's the best part of being a teenager? Having big dreams.
5. How old were you upon getting your first job? 15.
6. Did you try any drugs at all? No. Never cared to try.
7. Did you ever go to a psychiatrist? No.
8. Who did you look up to through these years? Siblings, friends, parents(at times), some teachers, musicians...

Swore at: Neighbor's dog.
Hugged: Mini Me.
Watched a movie with: The Man.
You called: Movie Girl.
Who called you: Mini Man.
Text messaged: Movie Girl.
Alcoholic Beverage: Sip of a mixed drink last week.
Current crush: Rufus Sewell
Said I love you to you: The kids.
Song listened to: A Fleetwood Mac song I can't remember the name of.
Shopping with: Myself.
Hung out with: The Man.