Thursday, October 9, 2008


When was the last time you washed your hands? About an hour ago.

What is your favorite city? Colorado Springs, New Orleans(preK), Myrtle Beach.

Would you rather get fast food, or go on a picnic? If I've got to prepare every freaking thing for said picnic, then I choose fast food.

Have you gotten your hair cut recently? Nope.

What's one song that gets stuck on your mind a lot? Sweet Child o' Mine.

Is there a movie that you've seen countless times? Quite a few.

When was the last time you felt really excited? Last night. *wink*

Have you ever heard of the band Strawberry Alarm Clock? Vaguely.

Will you be old enough to vote in the next presidential election? Yep.

Is it still dark out when you wake up for school? I don't actually wake up for school, but it is dark when I go to work.

Have you ever watched an entire season of a show at one time? No.

Do you like 90s music? Some of it.

Would you rather buy clothes or jewelry? Clothes.

Do you ever work out? Yes, often.

Is your family close? Somewhat.

Do you go to a big school or a small school? I went to mostly small schools.

What was you last comment on facebook/myspace about? n/a

Are your parents strict? They were.

Are you opinionated? Heck yeah.

Do you like watching any sports? Yep. Football most of all.

Have you ever seen a Broadway show? No.

What's on your mouse pad? I'm on a laptop.

Do you like small dogs? Some.

Do you like red hair? I better.

Have you seen the show "America's Next Top Model"? I've watched a few strange episodes.

What's the longest book you've ever read? Not sure. Maybe a Harry Potter book?

Do you like short surveys, or long ones? Whatever.

How many days a week do you work, if any? Six.

Have you even been in a tree house? A long time ago.

Do you like coffee? Never tried it.

Is there a swing set in your backyard? No.

What time do you normally fall asleep? Anywhere between 7-9. I get up EARLY.

Who is one person that frustrates you easily? The kids. Take your pick.

What day of the week would you like it to be? Doesn't matter.

What does the nearest lamp took like? Tall floor lamp with 3 adjustable lights.

Do you like camouflage? Eh.

How about stripes? Not much.

Do you like the color pink? Yes.

Do you like debating? Up to a point. I hate beating a dead horse.