Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Do you like the toilet paper to be over or under? Over.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Not that I now of.

If you had to draw a picture right now, what would it be? House.

Have you ever rear ended/bumped someone in a fast food drive through? And was it an accident? Nope.

Have you ever had diarrhea and vomited at the same time? Yes. I was miserably sick. Thank goodness I've only been that sick once.

Would you rather sit on a fire ant hill naked or eat a spider? I'll sit on the ant hill naked - for a split second.

Do you like the smell of gasoline? No. It gives me a headache.

Have you ever spit on someone before? Not intentionally.

Do you like shrimp or crab legs better? Never ate crab legs, so shrimp.

Could you live without sex? I wouldn't want to, but I could.

How many pillows do you sleep on at night? One.

If you could be on the show Survivor with a partner, who would you take? Mini Man.

Do you call it "Kleenex" or "tissue"? Kleenex.

List one sexual fantasy. MFM threesome.

Have you ever had pop rocks and Coke in your mouth at the same time? No.

Would you ride a bull for $1,000 that has previously killed 3 people? Bad sentence structure. No. I would not.

What is/are your pet peeve(s)? Stupid drivers, cell phones in restaurants/movies, arrogant assholes, etc.

Do you like monkeys? Eh.

Is there someone you would marry right now, if they asked you? Nope. Never again.

What really makes your blood boil? Liars who like to play with people.

How do babies make you feel? After the initial "Ahhhhs", I'm done. Go back to Mommy.

What is your least favorite smell? Skunk or shit. They both stink.

Oreos or chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate chip cookies - right out of the freezer of course! I like 'em crunchy.

What's sexier...tan lines or none? Neither is what I'd call sexy. It's all about the individual.

Turkey or ham? Turkey.

Foreplay - necessary or unnecessary? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

Would you or have you ever sky dived? I haven't and not interested.

Have you ever poured glue on your hand just to peel it off for fun? Yep. I wasted bottles of the stuff just to peel it off my hands when I was a kid.

Pancakes or french toast? Pancakes, preferably banana pancakes. YUM!

Have you ever slept with someone that you knew had no 'real' interest in you? It wasn't clear to me until they had slept with me. Yeah, I was young and stupid once.

Favorite TV dinner? Is that the same as a frozen dinner? If so, Lean Cuisine Frenchbread Pepperoni Pizza.

Ever gave money to a bum? No.

Ever drank an entire bottle of tequila by yourself? No. Vodka, yes.

Do you dog-ear pages of a book or use a bookmark? Yes, if I don't have a bookmark handy, I'll dog-ear.

Favorite thing to do at your job (or at home if you don't work)? Work: put out a nice looking, delicious product. Home: be with The Man, get things done.

Your thoughts on cherry mash candy? Never heard of the stuff.

Ever had a secret admirer? Yep.

Do you want to live where you are right now for the rest of your life? No thanks.

Have you ever worn chaps? No.

What puts you in the best mood? Good sex. Laughing. Going out. Exercise. Good food. Watching a good show/movie. Nice compliments.