Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

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WW #19

1.) Someone dares you to eat two cooked bulls testicles for 1,500 dollars. They're fried, topped with nacho cheese, belly button lint, lima beans, sweat rung out from a dirty sock and maple syrup and you have to eat it all. Are you going to eat it for the cash or pass?
No thanks. That's not enough money to get me to ingest bb lint, lima beans and sweat. *shiver* The testicles wouldn't faze me.

2.) If you were not getting enough sex in your relationship, how would you handle it? Would you cheat on your significant other?
I pout and then get upset when the sex isn't there. Yeah, I can be quite juvenile about it. I've learned my lesson about cheating. It hurts too much. I'm not about to do that to The Man.

3.) Would you cheat if you knew you would never be caught? Why or why not?
I'd know. Enough said.

4.) If you could get rid of any of the late night talk show hosts and replace them with anyone you want, what late night persona would you get rid of and who would you replace them with?
Get rid of all of them except for Kimmel. He's the only one I can stand. Oh, and replace the others with mindless reruns of King of Queens or Still Standing. I'd rather watch those shows a million times than watch a new episode of Leno or Letterman.

5.) If you could get rid of one day time talk show, which one would you pick and why?
Can we just get rid of all the 'Judge' shows? Pretty please? Isn't Judge Judy enough?!

6.) Where is your favorite places on the body to be kissed? Favorite places to kiss?
My neck/clavicle area is super sensitive to kisses. I literally melt. Breasts are sensitive too, especially when the tongue is also used. Oh, and kisses down the back of my neck and back? Indescribable!

On him, I love his lips best. They're just too kissable to resist! Lately, his neck has gotten more attention than usual. Also, love to nibble his earlobe. His nipples get a lot of oral attention too. And there's a lower extremity that I can't keep my mouth off of...

7.) Do you watch porn? How does your significant other feel about that?
I watch free shit on the internet to 'get off' and that's about it. Yes, The Man knows. He hasn't ever said anything that would make me feel like he wished I wouldn't. He has said it surprises him what I like to look at though. *shrug*