Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Memes

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Saturday 9 - Out to Lunch (Or Dinner)

1. When you go to a restaurant, do you usually order the same thing?
If it's a restaurant we go to often, I have 2-3 things I'll order in rotation. I do love the nachos supremos at Camino though and will order them most of the time. If it's a new place, I will order something I deem 'safe' and then next time branch out.

2. What is your favorite fish dish?
I don't order fish often when we go out, but when I do, it's salmon fillet in whatever sauce they have.

3. What is your favorite meat dish?
Has to be a nice, juicy steak. Oh, or grilled chicken. YUM!

4. What is your favorite vegetable?
mixed greens, green beans, broccoli

5. How often do you eat out?
We've been averaging once a week lately which is a lot for us.

6. Do you usually order dessert? If yes, what?
Usually I'm too full for dessert.

7. Do you like a particular after dinner drink?

8. How far would you drive to go to a favorite restaurant?
70 miles or so

9. Do you like to dine with just one person or a group?
Either one is good, but I do like date nights with The Man a bit more.

The Saturday Special
~My Favorite DVD Movie Is~
1. In Drama?
Empire of the Sun

Raise the Red Lantern

2. In Comedy?
The Hot Chick
Miss Congeniality

3. In Mystery/Suspense?
The Sixth Sense
Fight Club

4. In Action/Adventure?
The Dark Knight

Die Hard

I could list MANY more in each category, but went with the first two that came to mind.

Saturday Six
1. What was the last meal you ordered in a restaurant?
Appetizer: chicken on flatbread
Mixed greens salad

Entree: whole wheat linguine w/meat sauce, then spaghetti w/marinara and meatballs
Olive Garden

2. What was the last meal you cooked for yourself?
salmon patties, brown rice, green beans

3. Who was the last person you shared a meal with?
The Fam

4. Take the quiz: What Pasta Dish Are You?

You Are Spaghetti Bolognese

Compared to most people, you are well grounded and down to earth.

You have old fashioned values. Your taste tends to favor what's tried and true.

You love comfort food. Familiar situations put you at ease.

You think that the best cooking comes from your family's kitchen!

Almost right actually.

5. If you could only have one pasta dish for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

6. Check your pantry: counting products like soups that contain noodles, dry pasta and boxed meals like Hamburger Helper, how many items do you have that contain some pasta?
lasagna noodles(2 boxes), whole wheat spaghetti(1.5 boxes), thin spaghetti(1 box), elbow macaroni(half a box), farfalle(half a box), Spaghetti Os(3 cans)