Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday again...

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Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Hearing :: Listening

  2. Aggression :: Dominant

  3. Charged :: Electric

  4. Traveler :: Time

  5. Hydrate :: Water

  6. Detox :: Rehab

  7. Qualify :: Eligible

  8. Prison :: Guard

  9. Frontal :: Nudity

  10. Pep talk :: Encourage

Monday's a Bitch
1. Have you ever fallen for someone who turned out to be nothing like they seemed? I've found out some surprising aspects of a person, but nothing too shocking.

2. When was the last time you had an embarrassing fall?And did you injure yourself?
It was a few months ago in the kitchen. I hit a wet spot and went down. It was embarrassing because I thought it made such a loud thud, but nobody came running to see what happened. Guess it wasn't too loud.

3. Do you enjoy the music of Fall Out Boy?
I like a few of their songs.

4. For you,what is the best part of the fall season? Football!!!

5. Have you ever had a falling out with someone over something that was completely insignificant? Not a complete, never talk to you again kind of falling out. But yeah, I've argued with someone over stupid shit before.

Manic Monday
What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given? Life.

Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far. I've had a few. I'll say nearly drowning in the ocean in Florida when I was 12 is up there on my 'most terrifying' list.

One hot summer afternoon, while walking through a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. What would you do? Get my nifty little tool out and rescue the poor thing. Or get the security person to do something. Or call the local police station.