Friday, September 26, 2008


[1] What colour are your nails? Fingers: natural, toes: pink.
[2] Is there anything you [almost] always have in your pocket? No. I keep things in my purse.
[3] Does your best friend have their ears pierced? No.
[4] What make is your phone? Razr
[5] What colour is the on button on your calculator? I use the one on my laptop.
[6] What is your favourite drug? Motrin for aches and pains. Midol for cramps during TOM(time of month). Yeah, I'm wild! *grin*
[7] Are any of your real life friends myspace whores? If they are, I would be surprised.
[8] What colour is your purse, or bag? RED
[9] Are you tired of people asking if you're excited for school? Uh, no.
[10] Is there anything weird you keep from every event like a souviner and collect them? Nope.
[11] What is bus fare, for you, where you live? The only buses around here are for school kids and senior citizens.
[12] What colour are the taxis where you are from? Umm, the drivers personal car with a TAXI or CAB sign on it.
[13] Last person you saw with a tongue ring? I've only seen tongue studs.
[14] Do you think girls with tongue rings are slutty? Eh...
[15] Do you think guys with tongue rings are weird? Double eh...
[16] How long until your birthday? A little over 5 months.
[17] Do you get called cute or hot more often? Both - by different people.
[18] When was the last time you were at work? This morning.
[19] Do you enjoy post-it notes? They're useful at times.
[20] What colour is the last sharpie you used? Blue.
[21] How many belts do you own? 3 or 4
[22] The first four letter word you see that is not on this screen? Body.
[23] How many pictures are on your computer that were taken on May 26th? None.
[24] Do you ever write on the chairs on the bus? Seats? Never did.
[25] Do you know anyone with the same first name as your middle name? Yes, a few.
[26] Are you happy with the size of your nipples? Yes. They're very, ummm... *wink*
[27] When was the last time you were asked out by a stranger? IDK
[28] Do you ever think the U.S. will have a woman president? Some day.
[29] Do you have a birth mark on your breast? No.
[30] Do you live in a state, province, territory, etc.? State.