Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1--Are you moody in the morning? Grumpy is a mood, right? *grin*
2--Have you ever behaved like a stalker? Only when provoked. *evil grin*
3--Do you appreciate other people's opinions? Sometimes.
4--Does baby corn freak you out? No. What's so freaky about it?
5--Can you lie and keep a straight face? Yep.
6--Have you ever feared for somebody else's life? Yes.
7--Do you prefer honesty, even when it hurts? Most the time, yes.
8--Have you ever consulted a psychic? No.
9--If yes, do you consider yourself a moron? n/a
10--Does the opposite sex's BO turn you on? Not the stinky kind. No.
11--Have you ever stayed in a relationship out of habit? Yep.
12--Have you ever deliberately not told someone that they had something in their teeth? Nope.
13--What was the best decision you ever made? Can't choose which one to put.
14--Do you have a father- or mother- complex? Not that I'm aware of.
15--If you could pick your own pet name, what would it be? FP was my creation. So there! hehehe
16--Have you ever masturbated while driving? Yes. Yes I have.
17--How do you feel when someone takes the last of something? Somebody has to take the last thing. Am I supposed to feel something? Hmmm...
18--How do you feel when people tell you "Bless you" or "gesundheit" when you sneeze? I feel nothing. I do wish the whole bless you shit would go away though.
19--What are you supposed to say when somebody coughs? Nothing. Why does it matter?
20--Do you care what's going on in the world? Eh, there are other people who care much more than I do. I'm sort of an insulated person, I guess.
21--Do you pronounce a second "R" in "sherbet" or an "R" in wash? Yes to the second r in sherbet, but no to the r in wash.
22--Do you throw temper tantrums? I've been known to.
23--Have you ever committed a violent crime because of a video game or rap song? No. I'm a bit more stable than that.
24--Have you ever actually overheard one of your friends talking shit about you? Yes.
25--How many partners is too many? That's subjective.
26--Do you know what the "Myspace Angles" are? No and if I never do, so be it.
27--Is Tom still your friend? If yes, why? Tom who? I think you have to actually have an MS page for him to be a friend.
28--Do you have a sponge frog next to your sink? Nope.
29--Do you believe that wearing an aluminum foil hat will stop the government from reading your thoughts? Only in the movies.
30--Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg? Neither.
31--Do you tip the carhops at Sonic? Yes.
32--Have you gotten drunk specifically to lower your inhibitions? Yep.
33--How close does someone have to be for you to feel obligated to wait and hold the door for them? At least 5-6 feet.
34--Do you give "breaks" to people who don't deserve them? (i.e. are you a sucker?) More than I'd like to admit.
35--Have you ever been walked in on? Yes.
36--Honestly, do you think you're better than everyone? Not everyone.
37--What do you take to a pot luck? Something I think 10 others won't bring.
38--Do you examine the tissue after you blow your nose? Sometimes.
39--How do you know when you are an adult? When you have to count on yourself to do it all.
40--What is your cure for the hiccups? A deep breath after the first hiccup insures there won't be anymore, at least for me.