Saturday, September 20, 2008


1. how many people other than you have been in your bedroom today? Four others and it's early yet. *wink*

2. how many different houses were you in today? Just mine.

3. how many photo albums do you have? I have two big ones and a few small ones.

4. who paid for the computer you are currently using? It was a gift from The Man.

5. who last gave you a ride home? Music Girl

6. who was the last person you had a real conversation with? The Man

7. are your feet touching the floor? One is. The other is underneath me.

8. have you ever made a collage? Not in a long time.

9. do you use parentheses or brackets? I use parentheses more.

10. which of your friends has the coolest parents? I think I'm too old for this ? now.

11. do your initials spell a word? No.

12. do you get rid of your clothes after you stop wearing them or do you keep them in your closet? I don't have too many unused clothes.

13. has your basement ever flooded? No basement.

14. if you traded in all of your jewelry would you get over one hundred dollars? I would think so, yeah.

15. have you been swimming in the past year? No, didn't go swimming this summer.

16. were you friends with everyone when you were younger, or were you the outcast? I've always had friends. Even then, there were times I felt unwelcomed. It happens. We all get over it.

17. does it bother you when people put && before every sentence and ;; after? I can honestly say I've never noticed anyone do this.

18. who did you eat dinner with last night? Mini Me, The Joker, Hyper Boy

19. is there any furniture in the corner closest to you? There's a dresser up against it.

20. do you have a certain spot where you do your homework? No.

21. do any of your clothes have bleach stains? No.

22. are there any kleenex in the room you're in? No.

23. do your grandparents always give you lame presents for your birthday? When they were living, I always got $$. Not lame.

24. does your hair excessively fall out? GAH, yes! I hate it.

25. do you think that tom, from myspace, is planning to become a dictator? Who cares?

26. when was the last time it rained? Last week sometime and only for a few minutes.

27. does it annoy you when people make small talk about the weather? No. What annoys me is when all a person talks about is the weather.

28. how often do you talk to family on the phone? Daily.

29. do you go to school year round? I'm definitely too old for this question. *grin*

30. when is the last time you had a stomach ache? My calcium supplement gave me one yesterday.