Saturday, September 13, 2008


[Deuce]- are you happy about something today? I'm happy right now that all is quiet and the kids aren't arguing. Hmmm. Wonder what they're up to?
[Trey]- what about it makes you so happy (or unhappy)? Do I really need to explain? Okay. It really stresses me out when people argue - even silly kid stuff.
4- when was the last time you went out with friends? A long ass time.
5- when did you last spend time with your family? Extended family? The Man's mom's birthday dinner.
6- when was the last time you kissed someone? I kissed The Man's back lastnight while he was asleep. Yeah, I'm sneaky! *giggle*
7- when was the last time you went on a genuine date? The Man and I saw a movie and went out to Applebees exactly a week ago.
8- when was the last time you had sex? 13 hours ago
9- when was the last time you told someone you loved them? last night
10- have you ever been in love? Yep.
J- who knows more about you than anyone else? The Man.
Q- who in your family are you closest to? The Man, Music Girl
K- who is your closest friend? The Man, Music Girl, Bones, The Nurse...
A- who do you love more than anyone? The Man, the kids

[Deuce]- what's the first time you ever remember getting money? Birthday $$ when I was young.
[Trey]- what did you do with it? candy, little toys, books
4- what's the first thing you bought because everyone else was buying it? make up
5- what was your favorite gift from childhood? bike, basketball goal, skateboard, rollerskates...
6- what is the most money anyone ever gave you as a child? No more than $10.
7- what's your favorite toy from childhood? Anything I named above. I was not one of those sit and play kids. I had to be moving all the time!
8- what car do you drive now? Red, American made
9- where do you live now? In a nice, small community in The South.
10- what's the greatest thing you ever bought? Eh...
J- what car do you most want? Lexus LS 430 in black cherry
Q- where do you most want to live? Colorado
K- what luxury (you'll probably never be able to afford) would you most like? To never have to worry about $$ again!
A- what do you consider the pinnacle of success? To look back and say 'I did the best I could with minimal casualties'.

[Deuce]- what was your first job? Babysitting.
[Trey]- how much did you make? $50/week - for 3 kids
4- what was your favorite job? Mom
5- why did you leave it? I'll never leave this job.
6- did you further your education after high school? I tried and hated it.
7- what did you study? High school redux - it seemed.
8- what is your current job? Mom, business owner, negotiator, ref, giver of hugs and kisses...
9- how long have you been doing your job? Oh...a while now.
10- what do you plan to eventually go to? Who knows?
J- do you like your boss? n/a
Q- if money were no object, what would you do? Move. Travel a lot. Have fun. Laugh more. Relax.
K- what's the hardest thing you've ever done? Other than child birth more than once? Forgiving an infidelity. Forgetting is much harder.
A- what's the hardest thing you've ever done, purely out of kindness? Keep my mouth shut because it would have put someone I love in a hard spot.

[Deuce]- are you upset about something? Not at the moment.
[Trey]- why does it upset you? n/a
4- are you not talking to someone? No.
5- is someone not talking to you? I haven't heard from someone in a while. Don't know what that's all about. Hmmm.
6- were you personally affected by september 11th? Sure. I worried about the aftermath and what the country would have to go through. What we're still going through.
7- has it changed your personal habits? Not really.
8- if you were drafted, would you object? I would know a HUGE mistake had been made. *grin*
9- can you see yourself dying for your country? See it? No. Would I? Yes.
10- can you see yourself dying for anything else? Yes.
J- what is the worst news you ever recieved? Phonecalls in the early morning. Drs. diagnosis.
Q- when was the last time you cried? Mini me gave me a compliment a few days ago. Made me smile and then, like a girl, I cried.
K- when was the last time you hit someone? As in fight? To really hurt someone? Bones and I got into it years ago. She was being a stupid jerk!
A- have you ever genuinely wanted to kill someone? Oh yeah. And if I had a gun and was left alone in a room with them, I would have made sure they didn't leave it breathing.