Tuesday, September 9, 2008


1. Have you ever broken your leg? No.

2. When drinking out of a cup, do you look into the cup, above the cup or somewhere else?
I'll look in the cup at first and then somewhere else.

3. Your favourite author is: King, Weiner, Twain...

4. Have you ever gotten humped by a dog? On the leg, yes.

5. Did you like the movie "Anchorman"? No, not so much.

6. What were the last pair of shoes you bought? I bought the kids their back-to-school shoes last month.

7. If you had the ability to perpetually alleviate any pain on your body, what would it be? I don't have any recurring aches other than monthly cramps and all that entails. So, I'll say that.

8. On average, how many books do you check out every time you go to the library?
I haven't been to the library in a long time, but when we go, we leave with armfuls of books.

9. Where do you go to rent movies? We don't rent movies.

10. Do you have hairy knuckles? No.

11. Do you own one of those pillows made out of beanbag material on the inside?
Mini Me has a couple that say 'Princess' and such on them.

12. Are there any fake plants or flowers in your house? I have a couple of small fake flower arrangements.

13. Does your school have a Veteran's Day assembly? Were you told to dress up in red, white and blue? No and no.

14. Are there any future school field-trips you are going to attend? I haven't heard of any field trips that the kids will have. Usually those are later in the year.

15. Do you own any things that are based on cartoon characters? (Like, if you carry a Ninja Turtle backpack or wear a Dora the Explorer shirt) I can't think of anything I own, no. The kids do though.

16. Does your family go all out for Thanksgiving? We have a traditional meal. Don't know if that's considered 'all out'.

17. Does it bother you when you have conversations with 2 other people, because one person tends to get left out? Not usually. I try to make sure to not leave the other person out.

18. Can you stand it when somebody copies off your classwork by asking you almost every question and looking off your paper? Have you confronted them about it? This never happened a lot. When it did, I'd tell the person to cut it out.

19. Have you ever made a fake profile on a dating website? Fake? No.

20. How many times a day do you refresh your MySpace homepage? Never.

21. Do you know anyone who still wears Uggs? To school? Even when it's not snowing? Uggs aren't that popular here in my little corner of the South.

22. Have you ever typed in 1337 form? No. I have a mind that just doesn't work that way. It would take me forever!

23. Have you ever tried to drink something but you missed your mouth? Oh, yeah.

24. Do your parents call you something like honey, sweetie or pumpkin? My Mom called everybody 'hon', so I'd get that now and then. When being introduced to others, both parents would say, 'this is the baby' - referring to me.

25. When someone walks past you do you look at them straight in the eyes? Sometimes.

26. Did you ever suck your thumb when you were little? No.

27. How old were you when you lost your first tooth? Around 5, probably.

28. Have you ever wondered what the people around you would think/do if you died? Sure.

29. Have you ever opened the film door to your camera and found your pictures overexposed? That's what happens when you expose the film to light. DUH!

30. When was the last time you did that straw drawing thing where the person with the shortest straw lost? It's been a while.