Sunday, September 7, 2008


01. Do you use eyelash curlers? Not in a few years. I can get my eyelashes to curl as I apply mascara now.

02. What is your favourite bra? I'm not a brand whore, but I do like underwire and a bit of padding in the cup.

03. Is your bedroom kept spotless? No room in this house is kept spotless. Unfortunately, the neat freak in my Dad didn't rub off on me.

04. Did you write diaries when you were younger? I tried numerous times, but never did it regularly.

05. If so, do you ever read them and laugh at how much you’ve changed? The only one I kept is a journal from when my Mom was dying and up to a few months after her death. I do get it out and read it once or twice a year. *sniffle*

06. What is your favourite city in the world? I haven't been a lot of places, but of the ones I have, I've had a connection with Colorado - specifically Bear Lake in the RMNP - and New Orleans.

07. What is the most corny film you have ever seen? Airplane! and any movie of its kind.

09. What is your favourite kind of soup? I'm not a soupy girl, but I do like potato soups.

010. How old will you be in 16 years? Old! *giggle*

011. Name anything you think is really overrated: First thing that came to mind was Brett Favre.

012. What do you think of people who hate vegetarians? I don't get haters of any kind. There are people who disgust me, but those are people that deserve it - like those that hurt children, etc.

013. Can you sing? Like a Rock star! Believe it. *wink*

014. What is your favourite Johnny Depp film? I just like to look at him. Seriously though, I did like him in Blow and Chocolat.

015. Do you actually think Orlando Bloom is good looking? Honestly, I like him better in his Legolas character in The Lord of the Rings movies. There's just something about the long, blond hair!

016. Would you rather go to Scotland or Ireland? I would like to see both. But if i had to choose, Scotland.

017. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist? No.

018. Do you like the colour purple? It's okay.

019. Do you own anything velvet? I can't think of anything. The Man's mom got me a velvety purple warm up suit one Christmas, but I don't wear it. It's a size, get this, 3X. A few sizes too big, thanks.

020. Who was the last person you sent a text to? Movie Girl

021. Do you think texting is overrated? Yep. I'd rather be called than be texted. I can see where texting is better at times, though.

022. What is your favourite perfume? Obsession, Lucky No. 6, Happy

023. Do you like Kevin Smith's films? Not really.

024. What film are you looking forward to seeing the most? Burn After Reading...eye candy!

025. Do you like dragons? Meh.

026. Are you good at present wrapping? I'm okay at it. Nothing fancy or anything. Slap it together with tape and stick a bow on it. Voila!

027. Are you a flirt? Yep.

028. Don't you hate it when you hear about teenagers who happily allow their mother to do everything for them like washing, chores, etc? It makes me wonder what the heck the mom is thinking.

029. Do you have good cheekbones? I like 'em.

030. Have you ever had a tantrum in public (not just when you were little)? Not where I was loud or brought a lot of attention to myself. I have had what I call little snit fits and made sure a certain person was aware of it and why.

031. Do you own a corset? No, but I want one.

032. What do you think of Britney Spears 16-year-old sister getting pregnant? None of my business. *shrug*

033. Have you ever witnessed a fatal accident? Yes.

034. When was the last time you babysat? It's been a while.

035. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? They were both lovely.

036. Do you own sexy underwear? Yes.

037. Have you ever worn stockings? Yes.

038. Do you know what a 'camel toe' is? Yes I do.

039. Would you rather have jet black hair or cherry red hair? Red. Black hair reminds me of goth or emo girls and I'm neither.

040. On myspace, do you accept friend requests from the emo/scene kids who are desperately attempting to up their friend count? I'm not on MS.

041. Name a good album that came out in 2007: Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park

042. Has your home ever been burgled? No.

043. Could you be friends with someone who was mind numbingly ignorant? No thanks.

044. What was the last shampoo and conditioner you used? Suave Professionals Humectant

045. How often do you get horny? I have to be REALLY sick not to be.

046. What would you like to change in your bedroom? To get it finished!

047. How many bedrooms does your home have? We have four plus an office/bedroom combo.

048. Does mess irritate you? At times, yes. And especially when it is someone elses and they expect me to clean it up.

049. What about people who don't flush the toilet? Yeah, it irritates me when done in my home, but I just let the person know not to let it happen again.

050. What colour is your kitchen? It's unfinished also.

051. Have you ever been to Paris? Not the one in France.

052. Do you have a gothic friend? I don't really run with a goth crowd.

053. Which one of your parents has the worst temper? They both could be pretty hot-headed.

054. Are you laidback? Sometimes.

055. Do you make sexual innuendos about everything? I have days where that's the case, yes.