Thursday, August 28, 2008

44 more...

1) If you got married would you keep your last name or take theirs? It's very unlikely I'll get married again. I'm madly in love with The Man, you see. But IF I ever do, I'd probably keep the name I have now.

2) What did you do yesterday? Work, take kids to school, make exercise, daily, and cleaning schedules, lunch out with The Man, some bedroom fun afterwards, made supper, helped with homework, housework. The usual...

3) When do you plan on having kids or your next kid? I'm so DONE!

4) Do you know a secret about your last ex that would embarrass them? Yep.

5) Can you take a bra off with one hand? Never tried to.

6) Can you use chopsticks? No.

7) How old were you when you lost your first tooth? Probably 5.

8) Were you a hyper or mellow kid? I was always going, going, going. Not as much hyper as I was active.

9) Why did you throw up last? I was sick.

10) What's for dinner? spaghetti

11) Ever been to the Statue of Liberty? No.

12) Voting for Hilary? Nope.

13) How many e-mail addresses do you have? Active? I have several, but really only use a couple.

14) Do you HAVE to have brand name stuff? No. I'm not a brand whore.

15) Who will you be sleeping with tonight? The Man!

16) Do you like Oreos? Not so much. I like Chips Ahoy!

17) Do you send out Thank-You cards? What for? No, not usually. I'll thank the person if they are there or call them if not.

18) Can you ice skate? Never tried.

19) Do you have a brother? No

20) Do you know how to change a diaper? I'm a freaking expert.

21) Do you flip people off while driving? We live in a small town, so not a lot. I do vent, rant, and cuss though.

22) Would you take a bullet for anyone? I wouldn't think twice if it were for The Man or the kids.

23) Do you keep a planner? I have my online calendars and hand written plans in notebooks.

24) Who's your favorite American Idol judge? I guess Simon. Paula is too fruity and Randy is an old man trying to act hip with calling everyone 'dawg'. Simon calls it like he hears it.

25) Do you like to grocery shop? It's a necessity. I'd rather shop for clothes.

26) What kind of mood are you in? I'm lonely for The Man, but feeling pretty good. Great, actually!

27) Last time you cleaned? I swiffered and did laundry today. Also, picked up crap off the floors. The house is still a mess.

28) Did you get an Easter basket? No. I think I'm too old.

29) What pills do you take daily? Multi vitamin and a calcium, magnesium, zinc supplement

30) Do you do your own laundry? Every damn day!

31) Has someone close to you passed away this year? No. *knock wood*

32) Baths or showers? Baths are for relaxing and I like them better.

33) Do you take out the trash? That's not one of my chores. hehehe

34) Are you getting engaged any time soon? I'm taken.

35) What's the best part about being single? Probably not worrying about another person's well being.

36) Paper or Plastic? If I forget my canvas bags, I use plastic.

37) Do you watch "The Hills"? No.

38) Last CD you played? Sweeney Todd soundtrack

39) What did you do last Saturday night? Stayed home.

40) Which one of your friends is going to have the cutest baby? Whatever.

41) Wearing any bracelets? No.

42) Last thing someone bought for you? The Man bought me lunch yesterday.

43) What are you going to do now? After I click publish, I need to get up and do some housework.

44) What is your current problem? A certain 18 year old needs a good talking to.